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It is the first work of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul.It was made by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1454-1455.The tomb was repaired many times until today.The last made started in 2011 and finised in July 2015.

At the tomb,18 piece of Iznik tiles with different sizes by ulema desings were used and also the missing board parts  completed.

The production of the tile process continued three years by periodic intervals.About 200m2(2200 pieces) tiles were produced.In the production process,we standed by the  color of the original tiles.By this aim 15 different red working were made and these 6 piece of workings were used on the tile surface.Some of the red productions;coral red,tomatoe red,claret red.These red colours were implemented as feel by hand when you touch the tile surface.It was acquired in the light of intense labour and information in the Ar-Ge laboratory of the Blue  Tile.

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